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Acupuncture is one of the oldest types of medicine. It has been around for thousands of years in the East to prevent people from getting sick.

It’s part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM), beside tui na massage, chinese nutrition, herbal medicine and tai chi.

Originally acupuncture was mainly used to prevent people from getting ill. It’s even said that doctors were only being payed when people didn’t get sick. This to me is an interesting way of looking at medicine and healthcare.Acupunctuur Saskia Schuijt

But here it’s often still used as a last resort. Mostly beacause people don’t know enough about it, how it works or when to visit an acupuncturist.

Thankfully more scientific research is being done  these days. We come to understand why it is that acupuncture really works and more and more people get to hear about the good results you can have with acupuncture.

Also part of the western medical world is beginning to see the benefits. Acupuncture helps in pain relief or as a complementary medicine for chronic illnesses.

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is part of what we call holistic medicine. Body and spirit can not be seen as separate parts but as one. They constantly influence one another.

In Chinese medicine it is believed that when Yin and Yang are in balance a person is healthy.

Yin stands for many qualities for example: cold, darkness, winter, quiet, inwards, nourishing, female etc. Yang is everything opposite of Yin.

Too much stress, unhealthy eating habits, toxines, pollution, too much or too little exercise and many other factors  can cause Yin and Yang to become unbalanced  or depleted and people may get sick. Acupuncture can restore this balance.

Also in acupuncture we work with 12 meridians which run all over the body. (A meridian is not a nerve or a muscle but  a flow of energy that can actually be visualized by infrared).

On all of these meridians there are different acupuncture points that can influence the flow of energy in the body in a different way. If there is a blockage of energy or Qi, there is pain. By placing thin acupuncture needles on the right acupuncture points the energy will flow again and the complaints will disappear or the pain will become less.

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